• When I was younger I was afraid that artists run out of ideas as they get older... Now I'm afraid I won't have enough time to put all my ideas into work.

    Works completed in last year- various media

    Preserve your traditions. Share your story.

    After losing a loved one, it clicked: this is how I can have artwork positively affect other's lives.

    Thrown pots, screen printed slip-cast clay, and tiny houses.

    My passion is to bring visual songs to people's homes- the way music evokes emotion.

    Gestures, figures, and wonder about the human interacting in space.

    Drawings on the brink of subconscious movement and intentional action.

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    I have a vision of my artwork bringing visual songs to people's homes- the way music brings emotion through people's ears to their souls.

    The work is to be consoling in some way to its owner; be it playful illustration, a comforting ceramic pot, or a drawing of a loved person's story.


    We all want to know our place in the universe. As transient human beings, we only have time to enjoy what we observe and choose to participate in during our lives. I attempt to capture this in whimsical characters that present themselves in the works. They attempt to figure out their purpose....as well as how they fit with each other.


    The ceramics express this investigation in a different way; as a physical manifestation of clay as a material, and examining western dependencies on our electronic-driven lives.


    The material used in each piece combines the idea of curiosity and the process of making, as well as going on a journey with the piece. I don't always know what the final product of a drawing or work will be; often I start making and as I move through the process the piece informs me what colors or shapes are to come next. It's surprising. I find it similar to when teaching and a student offers a great insight seemingly out of nowhere. The student and teacher learn just as much from one another.


    Contributing co-author and researcher on following scientific publications:

    • Radiation stability test on multiphase glass ceramic and crystalline ceramic waste forms — Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms. February 2014.
    • The effect of concentration on the structure and crystallinity of a cementitious waste form for caustic wastes — Journal of Nuclear Materials. June 2013.
    • Multi-Phase Glass-Ceramics as a Waste Form for Combined Fission Products: Alkalis, Alkaline Earths, Lanthanides, and Transition Metals — Journal of the American Ceramic Society. February 2012.



    I went to the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University to study ceramic sculpture, but I also focused on painting and ceramic engineering (I wanted to know why my clay warped, when it did). I have a long background in art-related work; I started out teaching summer art camps at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse NY, as well as worked in a custom ceramics tile studio in Syracuse. The tile studio produced Stickley Furniture tiles that are seen in their mission-style tables. I currently work a corporate job but make time to paint, illustrate and have fun, as that is what ultimately brings me joy. I grew up in Syracuse NY, and moved to eastern Washington State in 2009 to work as a engineering researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. I have started making work again after a 5 year sabbatical after art school.


    Current Resume: here

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    Tri-Art for Giving; 1st place Juried Award winner; screen-printed ceramic sculpture (won) and illustration accepted. Work shown in Caterpillar Cafe. Richland, WA.

    Solo Exhibition. Paintings and mixed media. Adventures Underground Bookstore. Richland, WA.


    Washington State University’s Juried Chancellor Exhibition. Two large format illustrations accepted. Richland

    Solo exhibition. Series of illustrative paintings. You & I Gallery and Framing.

    Allied Arts Gallery Juried show. Ceramic teapot accepted. Richland WA.

    Tri-Art for Giving; Illustration and drawing accepted. Work shown in Allied Arts Gallery and Mid-Columbia Library. Tri-Cities WA.

    Solo Exhibition; Series of illustrative paintings. Richland Public Library. Richland WA.

    Group exhibitions. 509 Cyber Art group. Various locations. Richland WA.


    Washington State University Chancellor’s Juried Exhibition. Drawing, painting, and ceramic sculpture accepted. Richland WA.


    Washington State University Women's Art Exhibition. Teapot and cup accepted. Richland, WA.


    Bachelor of Fine Art Thesis Exhibition. Ceramic sculpture. NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Alfred NY.



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    Art card on linen paper that opens to text "I'm glad we're friends."
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    Handmade cityscape ceramic tile
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    Sizes vary based on desire and colors can be modified.
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